Why is it…

…that when you go shopping with no money, you find so many things you want to buy.  BUT, payday comes around, you go back to the same store and you can’t find anything you like?

This phenomenon happened to me the other day.  I took a 40 minute bus to get to Forever 21 in search of new summer clothes, with cash to spare, and didn’t find anything.  You can be damn sure that if I went there to window shop with no cash on hand, I would’ve found 15 things I just HAD to have.

What is the psychology behind this?  I tried to Google it because you know they do studies on all kinds of strange things just like this particular issue, but even as good of an internet researcher as I can be, it’s hard to put the idea into a brief search phrase.  Imagine if I were to copy and paste the entire first paragraph into that tiny rectangular box we all know so well.  I can see the look on the face of the extra terrestrial genius (that I swear is behind Google’s search box) as he says “this crazy b*tch wants me to find what??”

Perhaps it is merely that we want what we know we can’t have?  Kind of like dating.  You pine after a guy who has a girlfriend and the minute they break up and you CAN have him, you realize you didn’t really want him anyway.

Or there is the other side of this phenom where you stand there paycheck in hand, scratching your head, trying to remember just what it was that you needed to buy.

That’s kind of what happened with this blog today.  I thought to myself I have so many thoughts I should write them in a blog.  Then I spent time creating that fabulous name you see up top and selecting the pretty lil theme.   I get comfy, laptop in my lap and……………… I can’t remember what I was going to write about.  Go figure.


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