An Expat’s Process of Elimination, Step 1

I have always been a fan of the process of elimination in all aspects of life.  Perhaps that is because I am happiest when presented with options to a choice; however, I become easily overwhelmed if given too many choices.  It’s quite a conundrum I assure you.  Needless to say, the process of elimination is a near and dear friend of mine.  So I decided to call on this near and dear friend to help me narrow down my choices of where I would like to live next in all of my expat glory.

The first elimination came to me today while I was leaving my apartment this morning, having just showered and already sweating.  Not daintily glowing or whatever eloquent words women like to use for sweating. I was dripping with sweat – nothing dainty or pretty about it.  For this reason, plus several others (more bugs, more mold, food goes bad faster, laundry takes longer to dry, condensation!, I feel like I can’t breathe, more allergies, etc) I hate humidity.  Anyone who had to deal with me during the Florida years knows that I am not a fan of the humid tropical areas.  I was forever complaining (and those who only ever lived in humidity never believed me) that dry climates are so much less hot in summer and less cold in winter without humidity.  Such as my beloved Salt Lake City (which is an ideal climate IF I wanted to live in the US).

Therefore, first order of elimination: NO HUMIDITY!  Yay!!  I feel better already just thinking about it!  According to the map below that knocks out about 2/3rds of the world’s regions (if we are including the arctic climates which are a wee bit too extreme for me, humid or not).  My climate ranges can now consist of arid, semi-arid or mediterranean.  In other words, the yellow and peach colored areas shown here:

Climate Regions of the World

So which place would you recommend in the yellow or peach?  Although I cannot move for another year or two, people are always asking where I will be off to next, so I need to narrow down some choices.  There are several options here that appeal to me, which means that more elimination will have to be done in the future, but if you have ever lived in one of those areas or visited for a lengthy stay, please share your thoughts.  Just general thoughts needed for now…I know things like visas and immigration may be a factor for me relocating to some of these countries, but that will be another day, another blog, another step in the process of elimination.  Much appreciated!


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