The Ghost of Skinny Past

Mannequin with Jeans in Sannicolau Mare, Rumania

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I finally started packing tonight to move to my new apartment next week and…well…all the curvy women of the world probably know what happens when you start pulling things out of the closet.  That’s right.  I found my skinny clothes.

For all you youngsters, I am not talking about “skinny jeans.”  Not really sure why they are called that anyway considering anyone over a size 6 does not look skinny in those things.  😛

Skinny clothes are the too tight jeans, too small sweaters and too short shorts/skirts from a bygone era of thinness that we just can’t bare to throw away.  (btw, I’d be very interested to see a psychological study on the effects of these skinny clothes on women)  And we surely could not just give them away to even our best of friends because at one time they were our favorite item to wear and we can’t bare to watch our skinnier friends fit into them perfectly.  The envy would just be too much on our fragile egos.  Bitches.

So we keep these clothes, usually stored together in the same place under the “My reward for when I lose that 10 lbs.” category.  What is even worse in my case is that I brought my skinny clothes to Korea with me!  That is very un-expat of me.  Everyone knows you need to pack light when moving to another country because there is so much to take (usually an insane amount of OTC drugs since other countries aren’t always big on popping daily pain meds like Tylenol or Excedrin – but that’s a post for another day).  But they managed to sneak their way into my chargeably over 50 lbs. luggage and into my small apartment.  Now I have dragged them back out of the closet and am staring at them once again, wondering why I torture myself in keeping them.  Shhh…don’t tell but right this very moment they are sitting in the ‘to be packed’ pile and NOT the ‘to be given away’ pile.  Because you know, new apartment means new lease on life which means more working out (in my case more dancing), more eating healthy…all that mumbo jumbo we convince ourselves we are going to do from now on.

On one hand I think skinny clothes are a way for women to hang on to the good years and memories that they had in those clothes.  Or perhaps they are a sign of hope that you really think that you will lose that 10 extra lbs. someday soon.  (Right arm raised skyward) WE SHALL PREVAIL!  On the other hand, they could just be a reminder of failure and why we really need to stop drinking those lattes and eating Haagan Daas on a weekly basis.  It all makes me wonder how many centuries of women have done the same thing?  Well, then again, centuries ago women just tightened the corsets to make the skinny dresses fit them for longer, so maybe they didn’t have the same problem, but I daresay they had a far worse torture trying to breathe in those corsets.  Don’t you?

So while toasting a glass of champagne to the invention of stretch jeans and the advancement of women’s fashions that we no longer have to wear corsets (outside of the bedroom that is {wink, wink}), tell me what is the longest that you have kept an item in the ‘skinny clothes’ category?


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