An Expat’s Guide to the US Debt Problem

Piggy bank

So who do I have to sleep with to get some Reese’s in this country?

I have actually asked that question.  I kid you not.  Although we (luckily) have peanut butter and Hershey’s products here in the ROK, I have yet to find Reese’s.  But there is an actual answer to my question – sleep with someone on base.  A military base that is.  Apparently that is where the stashes of all unobtainable US goods are held.  Imagine me standing in front of the base gates with a cardboard sign and black permanent marker: WILL DATE FOR CHOCOLATE.  Sure, I’d get some takers no problem, but that solution just isn’t going to work for me and my moral compass.

It’s not just about the chocolate though.  It’s about all the things that are difficult to find here…sour cream, salty chips, pretzels, limes, OTC drugs, anti-frizz hair products, pre-made cookie dough, decent deodorant, etc.  And in countries ’round the world, expats everyday are obsessing over their cravings and need for whatever products are not available in their country.

Here’s my answer, which I think is a rather good win-win situation.  The US government should start putting small import stores for civilians just outside of the bases.  Not ON the bases because then we can’t access them unless we are with someone, but close enough to the base to still be governed by the US.  Then, tax the goods and send the taxes back to the US to help them out of debt.  Sure it may seem like a mere pittance to the US, but consider it like your piggy bank.  Every penny counts right?  And it will mean the world to your civilian expats.

Think about it Mr. President and hit me up when you make it happen.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vicky Bateman
    Aug 21, 2011 @ 03:07:51

    hey tiffani! there are the black market stores in itaewon that sell reeses and some of the stuff that you talk about. you’ve never been there? it’s close to holli and eva’s house. i used to go there for my reeses fix. but they don’t have things there a hundred percent of the time. it just comes and go. they also have the premade cookie dough usually in the freezer. i recommend checking it out.^^


  2. Lee
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 23:12:00

    There’s an “American” bakery here in Sweden, but I think it’s run by swedes, so its more of their interpretation of what Americans are interested in, i.e. Mountain Dew, Hershey’s products, pancakes, bagel sandwiches, and birch beer (it taste like roor bear, I think this is actually British??).

    I don’t actually find any of these things interesting though. I just want to go to a mexican restaurant lol


    • ficklefolly
      Aug 22, 2011 @ 23:21:29

      YES!!! I lived in UT prior to coming here where authentic Mexican restaurants are on practically every corner. We have lots of places that try here, but they just aren’t quite right…


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