The Story of Stuff

Two posts in one day!  Aren’t you lucky?  😛  I need to make up for yesterday’s missed post because I was too exhausted when I got home, so here’s a quickie.

In my packing chaos over here (which I am currently procrastinating), the stuff keeps piling up.  I’ve only been here for a year and I only brought 2 suitcases and a carry on.  So how did I end up with so much stuff!?!?  In part it’s because I took on other people’s stuff after they left, so I did not actually spend money on all this stuff.  But it’s making me realize that I need to be more of a minimalist!  I need to stop buying or taking stuff that I truly will not need or use.

I wanted to share this video with you because I watched it about 3-4 months ago and it has changed the way that I think about my stuff and the things that I buy.  It is lengthy, but I think it is worth watching to get a visual of how much stuff Americans really buy and store and later throw away.  I mean the fact that we actually have a specific word for the things we accumulate goes to show just how bad this situation really is.


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  2. den
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 01:02:05

    I’m the same way. If I went to another country for a year, the amount of crap I accumulated would be INSANE. Even today…I hit a thrift shop and found a three-foot stuffed ghost from Pac Man and had to buy it. Couldn’t help myself! But I’m not a hoarder, I promise.


    • ficklefolly
      Sep 07, 2011 @ 02:03:55

      Well good buys such as that at a thrift store are a once in a lifetime deal! The best part about living here is when I leave my apt, I get to leave behind all the junk to the next tenant so I don’t have to find homes for what I can’t take with me. However…on the flip side…I have been subjected to everyone else’s junk too. :o)


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