Facebook and the Pieces of Me

Facebook friends photo grid

Image by dan taylor via Flickr

First, my apologies for falling off the PostADay wagon.  I suppose real life sometimes does get in the way of online life, just as online life frequently gets in the way of real life.  But I am back and over the past 2 weeks have been conjuring up a number of thoughts to post for you, my lovely readers.  As Facebook is one of the key websites that interferes with our real lives on a daily basis, I thought this was a a good thought to start with.

I, as most people, have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  Lately I have even begun to become bored with it, feeling like I am reading the same things over and over (My boredom seems to coincide with me finding WordPress and TED and all the fabulous ideas I find to read/see there instead…hmmm).  I don’t wish to divulge all the reasons I hate FB right now because I don’t wish to pour that much negative energy into the post.

I would however like to talk about one of the reasons that I love this crazy social phenomenon.  It dawned on me recently that FB plays into all of the many sides of my personality.  When I scroll through the Most Recent news, it plays out like a reel of my life story, reminding me of where I have come from and who I have become.  It’s like a scrapbook with ticker tape.   Here are some examples of how my thoughts run when I read FB:

  • Beth Ann/Kimberly – my first friends in life, fellow animal lovers
  • Bob – 6th grade, our addiction to Jolt
  • Eddie – cracking up in the HS cafeteria
  • Cory – fun in the mailroom and flat tires
  • Claudia – Sevilla, boys and benches in the dirt
  • Enrique – my first salsa experiences
  • Javi – a beacon of light during the dark FL years
  • Haley & Aleks – culture shock Korea!

The list could, of course, go on and on.  My FB friends not only tell me about my past, but remind me of who I want to be.  Such as Belle and Judy who remind me that I want to eat healthier.  Hector whose contagious passion for dance motivates me.  Minsoo and Fernando remind me that I WILL live in Latin America one day.

So despite all the petty reasons that FB irritates me on most days, I try to remind myself to appreciate the good things I get from it.  Without any of these friends crossing my path I wouldn’t be who I am and I am grateful that I can keep in touch with them and share our life’s lessons together.

What do your FB friends remind you of?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. 1cruzdelsur
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 01:01:05

    Es bueno tenerte por aquí de nuevo. Yo cerre mi Facewook…, prefiero los blogs, quizás encuentro gente con más inclinación relacionada al arte, fotografía, poemas y es más serio…
    El otro día deseaba pegar una música latina, pero no sé si te puede gustar.
    Me alegra que algún día pienses viajar hacia america latina…
    Un saludo para ti…


    • ficklefolly
      Sep 07, 2011 @ 02:07:23

      ¡Gracias! A mi me gusta mucha de la musica latina, asi que tal vez ya la he escuchado? Es cierto que los blogs tienen una gran variedad de la gente que quiere expresarse y compartir sus pensamientos mas serios. Por eso, a mi me gusta los blogs tambien, pero como no me gusta usar mi movil tanto, FB casi reemplaza mi movil. jeje


  2. Erin McNaughton
    Sep 07, 2011 @ 02:04:30

    Facebook does have a tendencey to distract from other things, although I too am becoming a bit bored with it. I also love both WordPress and TED and I feel more productive on those than on FB. I also tend to think like that…I remember friends for who they were when we were the closest, rather than who they are now and it makes more so happy to remember those good times and to know how much any particualr individual may have shaped me.


    • ficklefolly
      Sep 07, 2011 @ 02:13:47

      I completely agree! I actually feel smarter when I finish an hour of WordPress or TED. I come away feeling more inspired to achieve my goals and more motivated to want to help others. Thanks for dropping in!


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