The Shelves Are in Trouble!

New Bookshelf

The year 2020

The existence of shelves as we know it is in danger of extinction.  Go hug your favorite shelf now before its too late.  That’s it, give that Ikea Expedit shelf a good squeeze because it shall not last much longer.

It has no more CDs to hold.  The DVD/Blu-Ray stock is dwindling by the month.  The pre-website magazines have long been recycled.  The collection of souvenir photo frames has been shoved in the attic and all that stands on the highest shelf is a sole digital photo frame.

It was the digital music that caused the shelf’s decline to the endangered status.  Now my friends, even books have given way to e-readers.  Extinction is in the foreseeable future.  These are sad times.

The children of our future will never learn how to assemble shelves from Swedish drawings.  They will wonder why there is a large empty space on the far wall and ponder on what used to be there in the ‘good ole days.’  Our dusters will be unemployed.   All that will remain is a single desk with a few wireless electronic pieces gloating in their glory of having decluttered the homes of many.


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