I Feel Like a Dinosaur…Roar

Pangea animation

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Did dinosaurs really roar?  Or is that just something the Land Before Time made up about T-Rex in particular?  If they did really roar maybe it sounded kinda like an elephant’s call.  Or maybe they squealed like girls.  How would we ever know?  Maybe they had no sound capabilities at all and were all Charlie Chaplin-ish.  Hmm…must do more research on large extinct creatures otherwise Ross Gellar is going to come and give me a lecture.


Do you think this is what dinosaurs felt like?  You know, during the start of the separation of Pangaea.  I mean they are walking along, enjoying their existence when all the sudden the land and the air around them begins to change.  Earthquakes wake them from their slumber, the land begins to crack and next thing they know they need a passport and a health check to visit their parents across the ocean.  And nothing would.  Ever.  Be.  The.  Same.

Don’t you feel like that these days?  (On a side note, I managed to start 3 paragraphs with the letter D.  That my friends is literary skill.  And they think WH questions are the important ones.  Hah!)  Don’t you feel like we are on the brink of a global change, one that has a point of no return? (you are singing that 80s song now aren’t you?)  I certainly do.  And I don’t mean politically.  Yes, I think politically a lot will change and I’ll save my US-falling-from-the-pedestal ponderings for another day, but for now we are talking geology here people.  Mother Nature showing us some of her brute force in liquid, solid and sometimes molten form.

The earthquakes.

Earthquake in Chile 2011

The tsunamis.

Japan Tsunami 2011

The massive sink holes.

Massive sink hole in Guatemala 2010

The volcanoes.  The tornados.  The floods.  The misbehaved hurricanes.  Need I say more?  There is a montón of examples throughout the world of recent, major, natural catastrophes (<— Why is there no ‘i’ in that word?  And they wonder why people struggle with English).  Of course we are causing global warming, but I think massive earth changes would have happened either way – we are just pulling a Speedy Gonzalez on that piece and making it get here a lot faster.  People everywhere are working on being more ‘green’ and treading lighter on the earth hoping to slow down the process.  I don’t need to talk about that here.  There are others who can talk in more detail and with more expertise than I can on that subject.  My question is, when these changes come, what will the world and our lifestyles be like after it happens?  Will Mother Nature redefine what we consider to be an acceptable landscape on which to live?  Will it make us extinct too?  The dinosaurs didn’t fare too well in the end.   Or will we all live on mountaintops huddled like canned sardines in skyscrapers with boats instead of cars, surrounded by the swelling oceans?

The layout of the earth’s surface (and climate for that matter) changed many times throughout the various time periods.  Just because we intelligent humans are the ones who are surviving now, doesn’t mean it won’t happen again.  We have not earned the right to be so entitled.  Do we have proof that the continents are finished shifting?  Who’s to say Pangaea won’t exist again someday, put back together like the 1,000 piece jigsaw you meticulously glued together as a child.  Just as there was an Ice Age, has there ever been a Fire Age where the globe heats up like what is happening now?

So just for today, pretend you are a dinosaur – roaring and shortening your clawed arms like a T-Rex is completely optional (but recommended).  How do you think they felt when Mother Nature got pissed at them and started throwing a tantrum like the one she is throwing in our honor now?  Could they have imagined that their lives and environments would never ever ever EVER be the same?

Go on.  Be a dinosaur.  Oh, but you can’t be Ducky because I’m Ducky.

Yup! Yup! Yup!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. tinkerbelle86
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 21:16:23

    i had that cartoon as a plastic hand puppet. i loved it!!


  2. den
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 19:58:03

    I am loving your blog. I wondered about this too, although I didn’t relate it to Dinosaurs! Brilliant, fun and entertaining…great post.


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