The White Rabbit Syndrome

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“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.  No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late I’M LATE!”

That’s right folks.  I am THAT girl.  Nooooo, not a Rizzo kinda girl, it’s not that kinda late (with my deliberate dating hiatus this past year that would be an interesting development).  I am that girl who is ALWAYS RUNNING LATE.

Yup, I’m the white rabbit.   (That’s me in the picture, umbrella in tow)

If only I had his keen sense of style.  Christmas is coming, perhaps I should ask for one of my grandfather’s pocket watches and find a nifty vest.  Vests work for me.  I should try that.

I never used to be the white rabbit.  I used to be the on time or even…the early girl.  I learned that from my daddy.  But then I realized I was always stressing over the other friends who always showed up late.  One in particular used to drive me nuts because she would say “I’m leaving the house now” when she had practically just gotten out of the shower.  She’s one of those ones you started deducting a half hour from the start time for.  You know the type.  There is one in almost every group of friends.  I wouldn’t say I’m that bad yet, but getting close.  Back to the cause of my tardy ways…I decided life is too short to stress over friends being late and it only ended up making me anxious the rest of the day because the waiting around stressfully would get my heartrate up.  So I decided to start being late for things.  It was a conscious decision at first.  I just wouldn’t rush to get anywhere.  I was taking the Latino approach.  You get there when you get there.  And Latinos know how to live in life balance like that (one of the things I love most about the culture), so I figured it was a good idea.

And it was.  It was working quite well for me.  I was happier and more relaxed.  I learned to let things just roll off my back.  Until I moved to Korea – where being late will earn you the death stare and a multi-week freeze out from your formerly sweet boss.  They’d probably fire us for being one minute late if it weren’t for the fact that it costs them too much to bring us here and we are contracted.  🙂  The old me understands the need for timeliness.  In the cobwebbed corners of my mind, I vaguely remember the reasons why that is important.  But to be honest, the new me knows that in jobs where an exact time clock did not have to be punched, I performed at a much higher level.

Take today for example.  I was running late because…well, there’s always SOME non-important thing that kept me procrastinating, but you don’t need to hear my many excuses…and I had to power walk/jog to work (since I promised myself I would not give in and take the subway).  I made it on time with 3 minutes to spare (Go me!), but I spent the next 20 minutes calming my heartrate, drinking water and fanning myself so I my face would stop looking like Santa Claus’s jacket.  Had I the leisure of clocking in within a time range, like a grace period, I would’ve been able to walk at a normal pace, arrive happy and calm and not sweaty, and gotten straight to work.

I know some of you may argue that I could just leave earlier.  At this time, I direct you to my many previous posts where I’ve mentioned my addiction to this little disease we like to call procrastination.  I put off getting ready until the last minute because I stop to do other things like put away the laundry, fix my shirt, read the mail, answer an email, organize a shelf, etc.

I do not wish for this to reflect badly on my work ethic to those of you who do not know me better.  I am a good worker when I like my job and I do happen to enjoy teaching very much.  And if I do show up late, I have no problem staying past the end time to make up for it.  I am just rather useless when I’m flustered because I was running to beat a computerized time clock.

So although I get frustrated at myself for almost being late like everyday and for always going to bed about an hour later than I wanted to (hence the 4:30am timestamp on this baby), I think that I am a better person for having learned to get there when I get there and not let the constraints of the clock ruin my day.  Just call me Mrs. White Rabbit.

Where do you fall on the timeliness-tardiness, time-space continuum?


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  1. Tracy
    Sep 23, 2011 @ 04:42:10

    The worst is getting into a competition with your late friends. When a friend keeps me waiting I’ll usually show up 5 minutes late the next time we hang out. Then she’ll show up 10 minutes late, and it keeps going until we end up meeting an hour after the scheduled time. At that point you need to call a truce.


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