Evolution of the Penguin

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I get it now. It only took me 31.5 years, but I get it. I finally understand why penguins walk the way they do. Their walk is imitated worldwide. It is famous. And in the “AHA!” moment on my walk home this evening I have figured out why.

Here it is:

The only way to walk on ice is to waddle, feet turned out, weight on the heels.

Were you looking for something more scientific? Not from this gal…my strengths are languages and words, not science and math.

I suppose I should add that I came to this revelation because Korea has horrible sidewalks for a winter-laden country and they are near impossible to really sweep free from snow and therefore are VERY slippery. So I am forced to walk like a penguin from side to side to help me stay upright and keep a good safe grip on my iphone.

I give my thanks to the penguins for teaching me their tricks so that I may walk home, not skate.

I knew there was a reason I loved penguins. I should go watch Happy Feet now…


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