The Road to Femininity #1 – The Woman in Me

Glamour (magazine)

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Ok, so I have been saying for several years now that I wish I were more ‘girly.’  I realize that ‘girly’ may be a strange term because I don’t wish to come out looking like spring break club girl since I skipped over that whole phase – so I’m going with more ‘feminine.’

I want to be more feminine.

I’m not a tomboy by stereotype, but I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to things like makeup and dressing for your body shape.  I was no makeup, ponytail, baggy shirt girl until my second year of college…and more specifically, until after my first heartbreak.  I suppose it was rebelling against the pain that made me want a new look.  But even then I had never learned much about how to apply makeup, how to do cute updo’s or how to create a stylish outfit.  Sure, I looked better and sexier in my post-heartbreak world, but I was still rockin it like an amateur.

So now I am in my 30s – loving it! – and decided it’s about time I got a handle on all this hoopla and learned how to use it all to my benefit.  With my new subscription to Glamour (via Kindle Fire) to help me along, let’s see if I can make femininity a new lifestyle choice.

You lucky readers get to come along with me on this journey of learning, frustrations and beauty, inside and out.  Maybe you will have advice for me (I will need it!), or maybe you are in the same boat.  Either way…stay tuned.  😉


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