The Road to Femininity #2 – Are They Really Made for Walking?

Let’s talk heels.

I love to look at high heels.  They are so gorgeous and as I run my fingers across the display shelf itching to touch them I can imagine the way that they instantly lift your calves, booty and posture with every step.  They are sexy.  They are stylish.  They are all woman.

But why are they so insanely uncomfortable??

The thought of wearing heels all the time is one of the biggest aspects that held me back from being more feminine before.  Is there a secret to them that no one is telling me?  How can millions of women wear them everyday, all day and not be writhing in pain?  Every time I try to conquer them I end up with blisters in the usual spots – back of the ankle, top of the foot, toe – and very sore feet.  Do you all just grin and bear it?  Do your feet eventually become numb and you stop feeling the discomfort?  Are my feet just ultra-sensitive?

Oh, and for my fellow Seoul residents, how do you wear heels on the brick sidewalks and slippery tiles of this fine city without breaking an ankle?  I bow to you and your expert skills.

The only heels I have been comfortable in in the past have been salsa heels (Latin dance shoes) and the occasional pair of boots.  I am not sure if salsa heels are more comfortable because they are made to be danced in or if it’s just that you only wear them when you are dancing and that is easier to do in heels than to walk around or stand all night.  To me, even the open toe strappy ones tend to have softer edges than a regular shoe.  Why haven’t the manufacturers of normal shoes caught on to their techniques yet?  Here is a look at a standard Latin shoe:


(Side note:  I’d never heard of this website until just now when I was looking for a cute shoe pic.  Love the design!  They would be so cute with a pair of dark skinny jeans!)

Perhaps I should just start the trend of wearing salsa heels as everyday heels??  They are sometimes cheaper than a regular heel, more comfortable AND you get to choose your own heel size and width for most manufacturers.  Hmm…I may be on to something….


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