Movie Screening – Bring Tissues

A small box of Kleenex.

A small box of Kleenex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just finished watching the Vow.  Sappy?  Of course.  Tear-jerker?  Of course.  It was everything I expected it to be.  Also, as a side note – prior to watching it, someone had commented on how great the end credits song was.  At first, I was thinking how could it be THAT great?  But I completely agree.  Awesome way to end the movie with a classic song and feel.

I had some tears cascading down my cheeks throughout the movie and this got me thinking about a couple of things.

1.  Why do women flock to these Puffs-inducing movies?  (Puffs are WAY better than Kleenex IMO.)  It’s like self-inflicted emotional torture.  Does it make us appreciate what we have in our lives?  Does it make us feel the whole swirl of the emotional range?  Why do we feel the need to pull forth all of these emotions?

2.  Which love story has used up the most of your tissue box?  If there were an award for the sappiest one, who would take the giant tissue-shaped trophy?  The Notebook?  Titanic?  Sweet November?  And are there any that don’t involve a major character dying in the end that STILL induce a great deal of tears?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter below…

Happy movie watching!


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