The Road to Femininity #7 – Beauty Updates

Ok, so I’m back in blogger mode now and ready to dish on the updates of my latest beauty endeavors.

First, gotta tell you, BB Cream is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  For a girl who hates hates…did I mention hates? – putting stuff all over her face, this is my solution.  It’s light, it’s easy and my skin looks and feels so incredibly refreshed!  It glows.  It evens out my skin tone and hides the tiny spider veins on my cheeks, amongst other minor blemishes.  I won’t leave the house without applying it now.  The one I use is Aurora by Tony Moly, but I bought Maybelline’s Pure BB Mineral for my mom (not available in the US) so I’m going to try that too to see if it’s any good.  The only thing I haven’t figured out is what to do about summer coming and the fact that I sweat quite a bit.  How do I dry my face from sweat without wiping it all off?  Grr.

Second, I have found mascara bliss.  I am generally a fan of 2 step mascaras because I have very thin, very blonde eyelashes and they could use all the help they can get.  However, 2 step mascaras in Korea aren’t as common as in the US and they tend to run quite expensive over here.  However, I found L’Oreal’s Double Extension mascara(at Watson’s for fellow ROK residents) at a somewhat decent price ($16 with good quality eyelash curler included) and I love it.  It works wonders.  True to its claim, it does add length and you can see its effects.  It is almost as if they use like a thread-like substance mixed in to attach to the lashes to make them longer?  Not sure, but whatever it is, it works.

Third, microfiber is the new terry cloth.  Ok, so maybe I’m the last to realize this, but I recently bought some microfiber bath towels strictly because most apartments here don’t have dryers and I’ve never seen a laundromat, so I wanted a thinner bath towel that would dry without smelling like a nasty basement in a humid climate.  I liked them so much, I got rid of all my other towels and only use those now.  They wash easier and dry faster and don’t take up as much space, but the best part is, they feel so much softer on my skin.  Also, I don’t see as much lint coming off of them.  Definitely recommend them.  (ROK ppl – I got mine at Daiso)

Fourth, I finally bought a new razor.  Decided to try Venus Breeze.  It works wonderfully and leaves my skin feeling quite soft.  It’s also easier than the standard razor with the built in gel, seems to take up less time and effort, which means less water wasted, which means I feel a little more green in the morning.  🙂  But…my only beef with Venus is how do you travel with it since the gel can stay kinda gooey when wet????  I’m going to the Philippines in 3 weeks and need to find a non-messy solution.

Next on my list of things to try

– tinted moisturizer for my ghost-like skin

– need to find a product to restore my hair, it looks and feels damaged, although I have no idea why since I’ve never permed it or dyed it and only blow dry it like 2xs a year.  :-/

– would like to find a night moisturizer, specifically one with anti-aging qualities

If you have any product suggestions or beauty items you simply can’t live without, please share in the comments, I’m open to suggestions!!


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